Does the EMC1 have an internal sound card?

The EMC1 have no internal soundcard

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Can the ELMC1 be used as an audio mixer without a PC?

it is not possible to use the MIDI Controller as an audio mixer withot a PC!

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How many virtual software decks can be controlled and driven with the ELMC1.

Max. 2 virtual decks can be controlled over the ELMC1

What are the dimensions of the ELMC1

Dimensions: (LxWxH): 360 x 180 x 64mm

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Will there be a 19 inch rackmount kit available?


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What software is included?

The ELMC1 is bundled with Virtual DJ 7 LE. The supplied Virtual DJ 7 LE Version has no time limitation. Updating to Virtual DJ 7 Pro Full is not free of charge. You'll find the feature list of VDJ 7 Pro Full here.

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What kind of power supply is needed?

The ELMC1 does not have an external power supply! The ELMC1 is powered by an USB bus.

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How do I upgrade to VDJ Pro ?

Simply press the “Config” button on the top right of the VDJ LE screen and follow the prompts. They are buying the upgrade directly from Virtual DJ.

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How much is the upgrade from LE to PRO?


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Will VDJ LE do video?

VDJ LE will do video on the computer screen only. You can drag and drop the video onto another monitor. To activate the video output on your computer, you will need to upgrade to VDJ Pro.

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What do I get when I upgrade to Virtual DJ pro?

• Full Video Output
• Access to hundreds of Virtual DJ samples
• Access to hundreds of Virtual DJ skins
• Access to sound card set up and MIDI configurations
• More Audio effects, like Filter
• More Video effects

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